SOLD Fender MIM Fully loaded Jazz Neck.

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  1. scottm

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Up for sale is my Maple MIM Fender neck fully loaded with tuners off of my latest Player Series Jazz that I bought last month straight from Fender. The neck came on the bass and played great, but I replaced it with a roasted maple neck instead. I did relieve the necks trust rod once removed from the body.

    I will pay for shipping and packaging through FedEx with insurance. This will cost me $$$$, but it’s worth it.

    Asking $175 for it shipped only conus using PayPal for payment option only.

    I think these necks sell for $250 by themselves straight from Fender. The frets are flat and sound good on the board, but there are a few that the middle part of the fret that is down in the wood is showing a slight gap. Too hard to capture in a pic, but I tried in the last thumbnail below. This does not effect the bass other than appearance.

    Since this is a bass neck, and everyone has their own opinion on what they they feel is a neck in great condition, this item is sold as is with no return policy. Please check my Talkbass feedback if this concerns you.
    No trades.

    D0A7AA7B-52AA-4E2E-BE1D-78A0D32005C4.jpeg 5FAF46A0-802E-498C-9D93-DA25C03396E4.jpeg 1DCC097D-C7AD-439D-BCA2-3201FF35A880.jpeg 74F36580-A88D-457A-BB7F-4CDCBBB16D0E.jpeg FAFDBB82-AC05-4092-B213-D43AFBD90E0F.jpeg

  2. scottm

    scottm Supporting Member

    Aug 13, 2005

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