SOLD Fender MIM Jazz Bass body rare color!

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    This is a Fender MIM Standard Jazz Bass body from 2001. It is in the discontinued Agave Blue finish. Lots of sparkle! Comes with all hardware pictured including all the screws.
    Comes equipped with EMGs. Personally I recommend just swapping out the actives for some passives. According to previous owner there is noise, and he surmised that it was because of the unshielded battery crammed in the cavity.

    Don’t forget to check the photos carefully before buying.

    I was gonna use this for a parts project but I abandoned that and bought a whole Jazz Bass instead. No trades. $280 includes CONUS shipping!



    4051E50E-B464-47D9-93B1-69D2019EB6F4.jpeg FB2395DA-00E2-4C73-93D5-9C2810E4ED2D.jpeg AE068CFD-6732-48E9-9EDB-84F908A45B42.jpeg BE5B8839-4752-40E8-8F2B-4D9593AEB0E8.jpeg AD7A931D-BCC8-4A53-8B65-A712B8C178FB.jpeg 816C8649-D635-4D8E-9A2D-E8FE18B2EE09.jpeg D5D5F300-F943-4C80-8FB1-12D4167E85E2.jpeg A2155461-D918-4414-8700-AEDADA42CC0B.jpeg D868AC9C-B619-4E2E-B037-B7EB6BF92656.jpeg
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