SOLD Fender MIM Jazz lined fretless neck loaded

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    I got this in a trade with a TBer a few weeks ago, I was curious to experiment with playing fretless again. The experiment is over, I really suck on fretless and it’s time to pass this on to someone else. Beautiful grain on this neck, so close to like new, no dings or dents, only marks are tiny little string scratches under the A and D strings that I’m fairly sure were my fault. So slight I can’t really photograph them. Truss rod and tuners work as they should, no issues at all with it.

    I’d prefer to keep shipping, which is included, to the lower 48, please. Trade interest would be Fender MIM P bass necks of comparable quality first and foremost. PayPal, of course. Thanks, brothers. 67198568-0B53-4DBB-8053-A1E5F2673D11.jpeg A2F58636-44E4-478E-A43C-ECBF9CFD7524.jpeg B5FF8395-4605-408C-A454-4023B01DC3B7.jpeg 8FEC19DF-D100-43CC-844A-D526453FFAC8.jpeg
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    Dec 30, 2007
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    hey ... that looks familiar ..!! nice neck ... i agree it could use some frets ..! ha