SOLD Fender MIM Jazz Neck w/ Hipshots

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    May 2, 2016
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    Fender jazz bass neck made in Mexico. Comes with Hipshot tuners. Has a couple of burn marks on the side that do not affect playability or stability of the neck. Truss rod turns as it should. Probably the comfiest MIM neck I have played but unfortunately I need to generate some cash. No trades. $250 shipped CONUS 39E7C4BC-59E3-43BC-8BA2-69C5C9E5AAF6.jpeg 4EE6D68D-928F-4634-8453-45EB1C66FEC8.jpeg CA9A628A-7423-4E5F-BBF3-9DAE74829F96.jpeg 51B41107-72DC-4221-A823-A3173FBA000F.jpeg 1CC5C5B0-57DD-4E14-86EA-F3F434172988.jpeg 7CD46A05-5B94-4681-964C-9CE4D7E0C5B6.jpeg
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