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SOLD Fender MIM Power jazz bass $365 shipped

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Jin Kim, May 11, 2010.

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  1. I was going to sell the body only & keep the neck for my next project but I ended up order a new bass so here's what I have.

    Fender MIM power jazz bass excellent condition. Beautiful 2 tone sunburst which is hard to get from Fender, straight neck with good looking fingerboard, vintage fret, vintage tuner & head ect.. neck looks almost identical 60's reissue bass. Also same pick up as 60' reissue.
    this is 2006 model. couple of scratches here & there but nothing major.

    The good: As I mention accesorries classified, sounds good with piezo op preamp. neck is wonderful & weighs 9 lbs. If you want mod this bass it is fully ready for that. it has battery box, room for pre amp & knobs, side jack.

    The bad: Also mentioned piezo doesn't work as it should. it has some ground hum so I didn't use it. You can still play without piezo on.

    I am sure it sounds better than MIM standard or deluxe. I have a student who has MIM deluxe & it kills that bass.
    I don't have hsc or gigbag so I will ship it separately. I have boxes for both so it is way safe than assemble & ship. I don't have a string so you need it when you get it.

    I am asking $365 shipped to lower 48 for this as is & I think it is good deal as it sounds better than MIM standard or deluxe & it looks good.
    Payment by Paypal is good.

    Thanks TB.

  2. PMed.

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