No longer available Fender Modern Player Starcaster with Bisonics and ACG preamp

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    Apr 12, 2000
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    8050B68F-69C4-4F2F-9A68-09404F717242.jpeg B6CE2960-DD1F-4820-8CB9-B3F8218EE819.jpeg E6EFE510-BBA9-49BA-89F8-05931FDED224.jpeg 09F4B3E6-9DE5-4E1F-B802-552C4D4EDCBE.jpeg 5E4DD058-6FBD-4D89-A306-AD42787C74F4.jpeg 50E200A6-99A8-4061-BF60-2023C2175502.jpeg DD04E0F8-C260-407C-9F3B-1EE200B5940B.jpeg E53B5C96-2C01-4A2A-B4BF-A7631F10491E.jpeg 6E1F36DC-BE2C-4000-AB5D-E3EA2E715E77.jpeg 38507EC3-2A6B-4746-9460-A8282CD620B6.jpeg 9A622301-4FA5-49F8-9178-4D23DC5F9343.jpeg 1350CB06-806B-455E-BFA2-C329B97AEEA2.jpeg 7D4E28B6-83E6-4AD2-93BB-DF03B2DE91C4.jpeg 264CDC1A-D8F4-492B-BADB-6A32DDD94C1F.jpeg

    Hey folks! I’m going to offer this as a whole bass for a little while before I part it out, just in case someone is looking for this specific type of setup.

    I bought this Modern Player Starcaster new, and had some major modifications done:

    Installed Curtis Novak BS-DS Bisonic/Darkstar pickups

    Installed ACG EQ-01 filter based preamp, as well as the John East BLI-01 mounted in a custom bezel. Had a battery box mounted on the back for convenience. It does not sit completely flush, but it’s worth it for the convenience.

    Installed Hipshot USA ultralite tuners and a Babicz FCH bridge.

    Had the frets professionally dressed and a new corian nut installed by the great Pat Woodward.

    There are two large marks on the top, but other than that the bass is very clean. Will ship in a case, but the case is in somewhat rough shape.

    I would sell the whole setup for 1200 plus actual shipping. If you’re interested in any parts (loaded neck/pickups/preamp/body/bridge) also let me know, as I’m planning to go down that route after a week or so.
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    Might be interested in the pups, PM me when and if you are ready...GLWTS! Rock on.
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    Interested in pre. And this is an uber setup. Imagine super flexible.
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    Apr 12, 2000
    Endorsing Artist: Lakland Basses
    Parting it out today, will list parts here and on Reverb