Fender Musicmasters?

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  1. I was poking around on Ebay and I saw a few Fender Musicmasters. They seemed to be auctioning at a relatively low price ($150-ish). They are tube amps. They have Volume and Tone controls. And (I think) a 12" speaker. Are these any good? Ive heard that the BXRs are bad. If these amps sound good, work good, etc...how loud are they?
  2. You're talking about the Fender Musicmaste Bass amp.

    I love mine! It was the first amp I had, and I sold it when I needed more power (very stupid). When I came to my senses 12 years later, I snagged one off eBay for $125. It worked great, but I put in about $7 worth of new capacitors just because they were old.

    It's only 12 Watts through an open back 12" speaker, but it has a great sound. I used mine to record last weekend and it sounds great on the recording. The volume is about good for playing with an acoustic guitar or very small electric guitar amp. They're cool, old school, sound machines. Definitely not giggable, but the absolute coolest practice amp there is.

    It's the small Fender on the left. Totally blew the Danelectro away, so I got rid of it.

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    Here I am to disgaree with the last post :)

    I owned one briefly and sold it. It has VERY weak bottom end, pretty fatal in a bass amp. Some oddities of the circuit design (I can give more details offline if you're curious) give it a more anemic tone than other Fender tube bass amps. It's definitely not usable for more than practice...that's the cue f r someone to come in with storties of how they gig with one :)

    Perhaps the best assesment of it is the asking price, no other Fender amp of similar vintage sells that cheap. In fact, a Champ of the same vintage would cost almost twice as much (it's a 5 watt guitar amp). They are just not real desirable.

    Of course, you MIGHT really dig the tone like throbbinnut, but I wouldn't lust after it if I were you.
  4. not bad for around the house but thats about it the tone is not there. when i play one of my real amps you can notice the difference bigtime! i also replaced my danelectro n70 with this amp and it is a better practice amp, but not for use with a band, for home use only
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    probably sounds amazing with a guitar.

    (edit: found a ton of these on reverb, had never seen one before, searched the forum, found a 15 year old thread.)