For Sale Fender Mustang '66 - 71 Mustang bass pickguard - Relic reissue

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  1. kevinpmajka

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    Mar 25, 2013
    United States
    I purchased this from Reverb 2 Weeks ago. IT DOES NOT FIT A JMJ Mustang bass.
    My mistake - really nice guard. $55 shipped USPS Continental USA. Paypal.

    I have a few pickguards from these folks and they look great on a relic project!
    (Fenderparts & Pickguards)

    • '66 thru '71 Fender celluloid tortoise pick guard / Relic aged reissue
    • Lower thumb rest / The perfect replacement for your vintage USA mustang bass / You will receive guard pictured
    • Beautiful celluloid tortoise swirl. No two are the same
    • Period correct Wide beveled edge / lower thumbrest holes / truss rod scoop

    MB 3.jpeg MB1.jpeg
    MB2.jpeg MB13.jpeg MB2.jpeg MB1.jpeg MB1.2.jpeg
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