Fender Mustang bass and Peavey T-40 bass for sale.

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  1. Hand Amputation

    Hand Amputation

    Sep 14, 2008

    Lock it up, boys!


    I have two basses for sale, both in great condition.


    I have a late 70's/early 80's Peavey T-40 bass with original hard case. It is made in the USA.

    It has been professionally set up and gone over with a fine tooth comb. The electronics have been checked, pickup routs shielded, frets polished, and set up to play nicely.

    This is a beautiful, classic bass in one of the more rare finishes. GREAT condition. Next to zero fret wear.

    Here is a link to more photos.


    [EDIT] The Mustang is SOLD.


    Fender Mustang bass that was Crafted in Japan (CiJ). It features a string-through design for great resonance. The underside of the pick guard and body cavity have been shielded. The fretboard has been polished and oiled to really bring out the rosewood grain. The frets have been polished and shine brightly. The back of the neck has been touched with 0000 steel wool and now has a wonderful silky feel. I wasn't a fan of the thicker, glossy finish that comes stock on these.

    It comes from a smoke / kid free home and is in great condition. It is near mint except for a few small marks on the back that wouldn't show up in photographs. No large dings or dents, only normal (light) playing wear.

    Comes with an old hard shell case. The case isn't perfect, but it fits the bass well and serves it purpose. Has been kept in it's case and only gigged twice.

    And lastly, it plays GREAT. Nice, low action and a fantastic feel. Holds a tune and feels rock solid, just like the Japanese Fenders should.

    It has been recently been set up with new D'Addario Medium Scale strings. Also included are heavy duty Fender straplocks. It currently has a black/white/black pickguard installed, but I will include the original as well.

    Here is a link to more photos.

    [EDIT] The Mustang is SOLD.


    I am looking for $500 OBO + actual shipping for each bass. Feel free to make an offer. Worst I can do is say no!

    The only reason I am selling is because I upgraded recently.

    Any questions? Feel free to ask. I have great eBay feedback as well as many transactions on Harmony Central.

    Thanks for looking and have a nice day.

    [EDIT] I am based in Oklahoma. :)
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    These are both SO BEAUTIFUL. WOW.
  5. Hand Amputation

    Hand Amputation

    Sep 14, 2008
    BUMP! The Mustang is SOLD.

    The T-40 is still for sale.
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    The Peavey is unbelievable! Speechless! Bump for a bass that I would love to have! No payment plan? Lol!
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    what's the weight on the peavey?
  8. bump for a fast-shipping seller! can't wait for the 'stang.