SOLD Fender Mustang Bass - MIJ, “closet classic” condition

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    In excellent, very clean cosmetic condition (back of neck is free of dents and abrasions, there's no buckle rash, frets show almost no wear, pots are free of electronic “pops”, etc). Sounds terrific. It’s also easy on the back, weighing in at 8.1 lbs. on my scale. In the past few days I’ve put on new strings on it and did the lemon oil treatment to the neck. Sale includes a Fender/ G&G hard shell case (not sure if it originally came with the bass) also in excellent condition. Picked this up at a tag sale. If I had to guess, this was bought for “junior” who played it at most 1-2 years then lost interest, whereupon it was stored for the next 10-12 or so years (serial number dates it has having been made in Japan in 2002-2004).

    Shipping is $49 East of the Mississippi, and $59 West of said river.

    No trade offers please. I have zero interest.

    Sale is final.





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    Oct 14, 2013
    Any pics of the case? Any truss rod issues?
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    Pictures of case follow. It seems that it's intended for a full size Fender bass. Nevertheless, it came with this bass and will be sold with this bass... Truss rod works fine although the neck is putting up some resistance as you increase rod tension to reach a level neck. While I'm not a guitar tech I can say that I've owned other basses with similar truss rod characteristics, but then again I've had others that were more accommodating.

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    Sold elsewhere.