Fender Nate Mendel Precision or the Fender Roadworn Mike Dirnt Precision...

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  1. Assuming that the sale of my Geddy Lee CIJ Fender jazz bass goes through via Craigslist soon, I'll have more than enough money to buy either of the following:

    2013-14 Nate Mendel Precision. I know this is the year of manufacture because it doesn't have the BAII, but the Custom Fender Hi-Mass Bridge. Full price but maybe I can haggle them down?

    Mike Dirnt Roadworn Precision bass at Tom Lee for $725. IDK Why the low price, but it has the BAII. 3TS with rosewood.

    I'm really torn between the two. Yes I have played both while at the bass department. The necks both were nice and comfortable. Not too thin and not too thick. Even the MD! Insane! I've heard people complain about the thickness on the Dirnt basses.

    I like the deep end and high clarity of the Quarter Pounder, but the growl of the '59 on the MD was also seductive. I like the BAII and the Tele-style P-Bass, but I also love the 70s logo on the NM and the SPB-3.

    Don't care for the roadworn; I think both already received real dings and scratches from people mishandling it all the time. I swear these two basses were on the walls for like three years.

    My MIM P looks almost EXACTLY like a Nate Mendel P except it has stock pickups, vintage Fender bridge, and it is midnight wine body.

    Help. My GAS for signature P-Basses is growing everyday.
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    Dec 19, 2007
    Im very happy with my NM, but I replace the pickups with a set of EMG Geezer Butler. I really like the Mike Dirnt in white, that wiuld be my choice but just because you already have a another P in CAR.

    Now lets wait for the first TB'er to show up and tell you that RW are for poseurs and that for that price you should buy a used MIA.
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    Jan 24, 2013
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    I have to admit that I'm not normally a fan of rw finishes, but I'm willing to look pastit with the dirnt sig. It's perfect! - slab body, baseball bat neck, worn feel to the neck, vintage pickups. I considered the nm at a point, but figured I'd go for an am. special over an nm. And the finish really annoys me - either have rw finish or not, don't take out like 3 tiny chips of paint!
  4. Tough choice. How could a 2013/14 bass be on the wall for 3 years? Either way I would not pay full price for a Fender. Most dealers will easily give you 15% off of Fender's prices. If it were me and they would not move on the NM I would take the Dirnt for value alone.
  5. That s just my assumption. I ASSUME it was a 13-14 because of the different bridge, but I'm not exactly sure as to when they started putting thosse bridges on the Artist models. The Dirnt, for sure, was there for a long time because the employee I'm in contact with about it said he would lower the price to $700 plus tax.

    The Dirnt for $700 plus tax? Wowzers. It's like a Craigslist deal, except safer.
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  6. The Dirnt you saw might be a regular beat up Dirnt model, not the newer road worn Dirnt. $700 would not be a great price for this. The only Dirnt models I ever picked up were VERY heavy. So heavy that I lost interest in them before plugging them in.
  7. No I saw it for myself and played it. Tagged as "Fender Mike Dirnt RW Precision Bass". It was kind of heavy, but I've felt heavier models. The old Dirnt models only had the BAII...the new Hi-Mass Bridge only started coming out on his Roadworn models since...like 2013?

    EDIT: The old Dirnt has the BAII so I assume it's a pre-2013 model?
  8. Everytime I look at my Geddy Lee, I want to keep it. Whenever I pick it up and noodle with it, I'm instantly reminded why I am selling it in the first place.

    I thought I was a fan of jazz necks. I thought the Geddy Lee was the perfect bass for me because it was my hero's signature model. I have never been so wrong in my life. Turns out, my left hand despises the too-thin neck of the GL and the thin necks of the jazz basses in general.
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    Jay Mastro

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    I'd personally choose the NM, I like both the Foos and Green Day but bass wise I'd take the NM, but I'd take Dirnt's old Gibson G3 over either!
  10. I would too, but my MIM P is modeled (initially unintentionally) after Nate's signature model. Only differences are no BAII, no QP pickup, no 70s logo, it's midnight wine red, and the neck width is standard width. From a distance, one could probably mistaken it for a NM.
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  11. Haven't owned a NM but I would never part with my MD. Fantastic hardware and pickups, solid feel and jazz width nut. It's a perfect bass.
  12. TheMD has a jazz width nut?? Crazy
  13. It doesn't have a jazz width. It has a B width neck.
  14. wvbass

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    Kinda, sorta. It doesn't have a jazz width neck, but the profile makes it feel a bit more "dainty" than a B width neck. Measuring it, it is pretty close to a B width, but it feels a little slimmer than that, IMO.
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  15. I've been hearing a lot about "A" and "B" necks....what?
  16. A is 1 1/2" at the nut (jazz width)
    C is 1 3/4" at the nut (precision width) and
    B is 1 5/8" at the nut (inbetween)
  17. wvbass

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    Mar 1, 2004
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    I think of it like this:

    A: Jazz bass
    B: modern P bass
    C: vintage P bass
  18. The NM is B, I assume?
  19. Apparently both the NM and MD are slightly thinner than a B but not by much. The NM is just a tad wider than the MD.
  20. Better yet, can someone give me suggestions on a P-Bass that can give me a boost in the lows and mids?