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Fender Neck dilemma

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MikeWfromNJ, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. MikeWfromNJ

    MikeWfromNJ Supporting Member

    Jan 5, 2010
    Central NJ
    I've always liked Surf green; my old Bass teacher had a custom shop Jazz bass that was old school. At least I think it was custom shop. In comes Mark Hoppus. It's Mexican but still, seems nice.

    For background, I have a 75 Reissue that I paid too much for at Guitar center, my first good Bass and my main bass; I run half-rounds on it.

    I've got a Tony Franklin Fretless which I don't play enough. And a Roadworn 60's Jazz. Great vibe, very different from the '75. I have flats on it.

    I should mention that I also have a Yamaha Att III in Black and it's an animal. As different as the neck is from the Jazz Basses, I appreciate it for what it is. A baseball bat with such a different tone than anything I've ever picked up at guitar shops.

    So I got this Hoppus body from another TB member, in prime condition (Thanks John). Out of money as you might imagine until now (3 months later) and I'm after an American Standard rosewood neck from that Stratosphere joint on eBay. I ALWAYS miss the sale, so after emailing them and getting no response, I buy a Roger Waters loaded neck. Figure it's baseball-bat is like my Att III, brass nut; though Mexican (and matches the origin of the body), it seems like a good compromise.

    I really have no preference for rosewood vs. maple because I have both. But looks of the original American Standard Rosewood is most like the original Hoppus.

    So the woman emails me AFTER I buy the Roger Waters neck and say "it's on sale now, 10% off". So like an idiot, I buy it now so will now have 2 necks on the way.

    Now the quandary, which would you choose and why. I'm going to return one for your records, they are within $40 of each other.

    Yes, a very personal choice, curious about what others would do or consider. Somebody here said that Mexican necks don't adjust well, not sure I understand that. Seems the craftsmanship has come far enough along and rivals those made in California. My personal opinion is each is either well made or sloppily made and you'll bond with or not and maybe that's the answer. But of course, I won't be able to 'use it' and return it as 'new' so soliciting opinions.

    Sorry for the life story, wanted to give good background.

    Oh one more thing... you might ask yourself, "what is he trying to get out of this, what style, what vibe". Answer is, I'm going to likely play this primarily with a pic. I've got the rest covered and have done some pick playing with the Yamaha and grown very comfortable with it. Very bright, very responsive so maybe this is overkill. But back to the Sea Foam, man that Body is a looker...

  2. Bassisgood4U

    Bassisgood4U Banned

    Jan 30, 2014
    Personally, if I had to...I'd only keep the Yamaha and the Fender Tony Franklin out of the bunch. Keep the 2 necks, too..just in case you want go fretted on for the Fender. Will an American Standard neck fit the Tony?