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Fender Nylon Filament Roundwounds

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Captain_joe6, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for any information I can get on these strings. I want to know about durability, sound (preferably through magnetic pickups), feel, the works. Any reviews or thoughts you guys have would be great!
  2. Thurisarz


    Aug 20, 2004
    +1 I want to know to
  3. :cool: Don't know if my experiences are of any value to you, but here goes.

    I've been using these strings on my fretless P-Bass for the last two years; and my previous fretless J-Bass for about three years. I really do like them. Can't speak for how they would sound on a fretted bass, though.

    Feel: They've got a real nice, smooth feel to them. Not like flat wounds, or flat tape-wounds, but kinda' velvety, but short velvety. They are fairly low in tension so you really can't "lay into" them without getting some string slap. They're also almost dead quiet, making no noticeable noise from your fingers.

    Looks: They're black, so they definitely have a distinctive look on your bass. I think they look nice, and on my fretless they look very much "at home".

    Cost: Relatively inexpensive. I get them from "Just Strings", current price is $26.86 a set.

    Set up: You will have to redo your setup. 1. Due to the low tension, the neck will flatten out, possibly go convex on you depending upon what you had on there before. Not a problem as long as you readjust it. 2. Due to their rather large size on the G and D strings (they're .070-.080-.090-.100), you'll probably have to open up the G and D string nut slots, I did. If you don't, you may run into tuning problems with the strings hanging up in the slot, I did. 3. Of course, you'll have to redo the bridge, intonation and height.

    Durability: The set that's on my P-Bass has been on there for two years now and is still going strong. If you look real close around the area where I do most of my finger work, you can see that they're a little tiny bit fuzzier than anywhere else. You can also see a few areas on the neck where they are as well. However, you've really got to look hard to see this phenomena. I play this thing a lot at home, almost everyday for 45 min to an hour; and on about every third gig. We run about three gigs a month on average. I think that they're holding up quite well. Of course, YMMV, as always.

    Sound: Deep, Thumpy, Little Sustain. On the fretless, running a foam mute under the bridge cover, very close to an upright in overall sound. I've gotten a lot of complements on the sound of this fretless P-Bass and I attribute a lot to the strings. Without the mute, the sustain is a lot greater, but not like roundwounds, or fresh flatwounds.

    Technique: You really got to use a fairly light touch, or set the action high. Also, set low, with a little bit harder touch, you can actually get a sound that fakes a good upright slap sound. Is it true? NO. But, not bad at all. My band mates really like it on some of the old Rock-a-Billy stuff from the 50s.

    Availability: Fender is the sole manufacturer for these babies. No one else makes them. But, Just Strings has them in their listing and they usually have what they list.

    So, there you have what is my opinion and experience with these strings. Someone else's may vary drastically, or be close. Each of us is unique and therefore will see things differently.

    Good luck with this. I hope this helps somewhat.