SOLD Fender P Bass Body - Blizzard Pearl

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  1. Jackcrow

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    Jul 10, 2017
    North Dakota
    North Dakota
    Here is a very nice 2011 Fender Precision Bass body in blizzard pearl. This is from a made in Mexico 60th anniversary Precision Bass. The body is in excellent condition. I could only find one small scratch on the back (pictured).

    The body will be sold completely unloaded. The only hardware that is included is the strap buttons.

    $300 shipped CONUS.

    88DC05F3-62AF-49E9-8FB0-FEBF5D334AE0.jpeg 46645DCC-107A-48A4-887C-6EA5F55E6C5C.jpeg BAAA5F21-24B2-40BA-A38F-0465D5AEE81C.jpeg F33A1FFB-2041-48A6-AB35-28C19A5F98BE.jpeg 9BFA4920-9598-4111-8E43-9C9F817814BF.jpeg
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    Aug 22, 2004
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    Mmmm, so purty.
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