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  1. bcarll


    Oct 16, 2001
    Hello to all,

    Well Ijust inherited a a Fender P Bass and I need some one to help me with some info on it. First let me say this is my first Fender after playing for 10 years plus and even I find that hard to believe. just one of those things --- got hooked on Ibanez and never looked back but now I have finally played this P bass and I like what I hear. Don't like the weight, don't like the neck, a little limited on tones, but like I said I like what I hear and that's what is important. So the story on this bass goes liek this, bought in 1990, suppose to be a reissue of a 1959 P Bass, Made in Japan. Serial # H022499. Bass is really clean and has been played professionally so a little fret wear but absolutely no buzzing etc. can't believe how nice it fingers with the strings set nice and low. I was told it had been set up by a pro shop. I am not really asking about the value but if you want to comment on that fine but as an instrument how does this bass rate against the MIM MIA of today. I may have been converted to Fender my friends. This belonged to a great friend of mine and was presented to me as a gift of appreciation. Thanks!!!