Fender p or J

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  1. I don't know if I should either get a Fender P or J Ineed advice and pros and cons. I play OLD heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Rock, Blues, and RAP :p (just kidding) and Stu and Jaco and stuff. I already own a Soundgear SR400 thank you for your advie and helping
  2. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    I'm assuming the 400 is PJ since most the low end Ibe's are. I still play low-end Ibe's but now they're routed so I'm restricted by pup config. If it's a PJ then you've already got a P bass +. The most flexible tonal config by far is J's - more J pups out there than you'd ever go through: singles, stacked HB's, hum-canceling, whatever. The array of tones available is really only restricted by your desire to experiment with different pups. Why buy lots of basses when you can buy pups instead - especially when you can get a set of pups used for what you'd pay just to have a bass shipped.
  3. Thanks for the advice I apprecitae it
  4. Try searching, this topic has been dicussed a lot in the past. Generally you'll find that a P has a thicker, thumpier sound with a wider neck, while the Jazz is thinner and growlier, and more versatile with a faster neck. P basses nail a great rock tone, but the Jazz is another mainstay that may give you more options. Try them both.