SOLD Fender Parts “Pino Clone” Bass

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    This was purchased on eBay from “jazzbassman”, who builds Fender style instruments. I’ve copied the description from the ad when I bought this one, which I think has been close to two years. This has been my main bass for quite a while now, but I recently picked up an MJT relic that I prefer.

    This bass looks, plays, and sounds great. 9.5 lbs. One of the tuning pegs is stiff to turn, but works and stays in tune just fine. I had a really nice MIM 50’s P with 62 CS pickup and I keep this over that one.. The MJT is a notch above both.

    Here is the post from my original purchase. Please excuse the formatting and punctuation. Not my writing..

    Here is a New Fender Precision Bass, built with all new parts Fender alder Precision Bass body. New Fender Licensed AllParts Precision Bass Neck, and Custom Vintage Electronics. New Vintage style pickup and Bridge covers.

    Fender Precision Bass Body in Vintage Relic’ed Fender Fiesta Red nitrocellulose lacquer with clear coat. New Fender Licensed AllParts Precision Bass Maple Neck with rosewood Fretboard, Frets checked for level, polished, and fret ends filed. Back of neck lightly relic'ed and is smooth as silk.

    Neck Specs:

    Maple replacement neck for Precision Bass® with Maple Fretboard.20 fretsMaple bass neckMaple fingerboard with black inlay dots10" radiusNut width 1-5/8”Heel width 2-7/16"Tuning peg hole diameter 11/16"Truss Rod adjustment at heelNeck thickness .89" at first fret, 1.01" at twelfth fret

    New CTS 250k tone and volume pots (as original 1963). New PIO (paper in oil) K40Y9 tone capacitor. New Switchcraft output jack! Treble Bleed circuit (prevents loss of high frequencies at low volume levels). Cloth wiring throughout.

    New vintage Fender Vintage style bridge with threaded saddles, New tug bar, strap buttons, Pickup and Bridge covers, and Fender Neckplate. All hardware and screws relic'ed, but not overdone.

    Pickup Specs from Tonerider website:

    Tonerider TRP1 Precision Plus P Bass Pickup:

    From low-down reggae riffs to growling rock, our Precision Plus pickup is designed for the bassist who needs maximum tonal variety just by altering their pick attack. Wound just a hair hotter than vintage P-Bass pickups, the Precision Plus use specially treated Alnico 5 magnets that maximize the tonal colors available.

    Wound on vulcanized fibreboard just like the originals, you’ll love the look and feel of these pickups.

    Specs:Magnets: Alnico V

    DC Resistance: 10.6k

    New Strap buttons, Vintage Black 3-ply Pickguard, Screws, AllParts Bone Nut, Fender Vintage Bridge. Vintage Style Gotoh Large Back and Long Stem Reverse Wind Vintage Tuners and period specific String Tree.

    $600 PP-F&F/Venmo + actual UPS shipping cost in a worn but functional Fender TSA case. Not really looking for trades, but would consider trade + cash from me for a US Stingray or Sterling 4 or another MJT relic.


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    Man that is an authentic looking Pino model (at a fraction of the cost).
    Great TB’er to deal with folks! Jason is as dependable and honest as they come.
    I’m tempted to spring for this one myself.
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    Trades considered for pedals:

    Good DI's (REDDI, Olympic, EBS Microbass3, etc.)
    Good Chorus (Jam, etc.)
    Good Compressor
    Peadalboard for 8 pedals
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    PM sent.