For Sale "Fender" parts Precision bass- Shoreline Gold

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    Up for sale is a P bass build that I completed earlier this year. I have 5 P basses now and want to move this to make room for a J, as I'm finding myself looking for a new sound. Unfortunately it doesn't get much playing time against my vintage P's. I would prefer to ship within Canada but would consider US sales as well. No case with the bass, so can ship with the neck off to save on shipping costs. I'm flexible on the prices. Would consider trades for a Fender Jazz Bass. More pictures available, Pickguards are interchangeable (White, Black, Mint). 72' Tort pickguard available if interested.

    1. "Shoreline Gold" Precision Bass

    -"Guitar Restaurant" custom gold nitro light relic body

    - Guitar Emporium (Canada based company) Pickups (they sound great)

    - Allparts replacement Precision bass neck (1 5/8)

    - Newer electronics

    - Mint pickguard

    * I have a 72' tort pickguard that looks great on the gold body, I would consider selling it as well*

    -No case

    IMG_2871.JPG IMG_2869.JPG


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  2. Hi, is there any chance of a side photo of the neck relief as it currently is? Thanks.
  3. 2A22AAA4-75BB-4EAE-9169-D6B65DA146FB.jpeg AF0AE0F4-D1C5-4AAC-B32C-310A7F22D568.jpeg

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  4. I keep my action high, just a preference. No issues with the neck as far as I can tell but I've never had it set up low.