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  1. spacecataz42


    Dec 30, 2013
    Hello forum,
    Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking for some advice on a Pawn Shop Bass VI I recently purchased. It came second-hand from a fellow who had really heavy gauge strings on it. I found it almost unplayable due to the amount of rattle and general lack of tension. After throwing on a standard gauge set of Bass VI strings and having a tech do a proper set up it's much better, however my low E string is still basically garbage.

    I've heard little blips here and there of others being unhappy with the low-E but only ever complaints with vague suggestions. I'm knowledgable as a player but not as savvy when it comes to doing adjustments at home, so I was hoping maybe someone here could give me a shove in the right direction.

    Is there a relatively simple solution to get the low E sounding tighter?
  2. Mark Nye

    Mark Nye

    Sep 18, 2012
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    The .084 that comes stock is unusable, IMO. I went to a .095 from there, but it was still too floppy for me. The lightest low E I've been happy with on my VI is a LaBella .102. You can order custom Bass VI sets from them for relatively low cost.

    As for the rattle, it's a matter of tweaking the action/truss rod until it goes away. Unfortunately, that's the best advice I can offer you.

    My main complaint with my VI is the bridge/saddle setup. It's definitely the weak point on the instrument. Been thinking of going to a StayTrem or Mastery bridge, but other projects are higher on the priority scale at the moment.
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    From what I've read about the Bass VI, it's usually the bridge that gets the most complaints. I've also read where it can be replaced with the Fender Mustang bridge, but, definitely the stock bridge seems to be problematic for alot of players.