Fender Player VS Vintera series

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Evan F, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Evan F

    Evan F

    Jun 11, 2020
    I’m looking to upgrade to a Fender MIM bass, and I’m trying to decide which one to go with. The Vintera is better looking (IMO) but also more expensive. So I guess my question would be, is the Vintera bass worth the extra $200 (New) over the player series? Is it a better quality instrument? Or would I be paying for gimmicks (vintage styling)?
  2. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    Different neck profile.
    The Vintera has fatter neck AMD wider nut width, Player has similar to Squier Classic Vibe pbass like neck profile which slimmer.

    Different fretboard radius 7.5 vs 9.5.

    The most notable different between both are stock pickup voice. The pup on Vintera truly awsome and beautiful. Player pup sound dull and worst than Squier Classic Vibe pbass stock pickups....

  3. Evan F

    Evan F

    Jun 11, 2020
    That is helpful. If the pickups are better it’s probably worth it, because that’d be one less thing to replace. I have a Classic Vibe P currently and feel the pickups are a little weak. And it has a laurel fretboard that I’m not really a fan of, as I prefer maple.
  4. I like my Vintera, but a lot of people on here really like the Player series with their stock pickups. Should find a few discussions around on the site about just that.
  5. brushfirewolf


    Nov 12, 2016
    Can’t speak for the vinteras but the player series basses are actually really nice. I thought the player P pickup sounded great but ymmv.

    If you’re thinking of getting one, have a look at guitar centers used stuff online. You can a lot of times find one listed under $500 because they simply don’t know it’s a newer model.
  6. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    Forgot mention that I compare my both previous player p to my china Squier CV60P bass. Shame that QC on 2019 Player just possible on pair wirh 2008 China Squier CV60P. I have no interesting on new Indonesia CV bass which I found they are just rebranded VM line.

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  7. BB Brian

    BB Brian

    Apr 15, 2020
    West Texas
    I have found quite a few people who place the new Player series pups in the more "vintage" sound category. If you can't play them in person, there are tons of tone demos on YouTube - of course, they are only as good as your audio output, but you can usually find a few and make some comparisons even if you don't find a direct comparison of the Player vs. Vintera. I don't like a chunkier neck, so the Vintera is out for me.
  8. Evan F

    Evan F

    Jun 11, 2020
    I wish there were videos comparing the two directly. I’ve watched plenty of videos on each but it’s kind of hard to tell when you aren’t hearing them back to back. I don’t mind a chunkier neck, my local music shop had a Vintera, so I’ve gotten to play one and I loved it. I’m just trying to make sure it’s going to be worth it over the player series if the quality is about the same.
  9. BB Brian

    BB Brian

    Apr 15, 2020
    West Texas
    If it's just the pickups that concern you, you can drop in anything else for less than the price difference. Even the Custom '62 is only $120. It's a super simple upgrade too.
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  10. Evan F

    Evan F

    Jun 11, 2020
    Not just the pickups, also the quality control, tuners, and the better colors of the Vintera series.
  11. BB Brian

    BB Brian

    Apr 15, 2020
    West Texas
    Sounds to me like you have your mind made up!
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  12. Definitely sounds like you ought to join the Vintera club, especially because you've had one to play on a bit already and liked it. Quality and such, in my opinion, is a bit better than the Player series on average, but it's not a super crazy difference; the big thing you're paying for is the vintage styling, which aside from looks comes complete with the different style of neck, the pickup, and the real kicker for me is the frets.

    I hate medium jumbo frets. If I ever get a custom bass guitar, I'm going the route of having banjo or mandolin fretwire put on; while the fretwire on the Vintera series is still bigger than that, it's much nicer to play on for me. Combine that with vintage styling that I like and a chunky neck, and I was sold.
  13. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    Totally aggree.
    The Vintera is Mexican make American AVRi bass.
    Meanwhile the Player p is Mexican make Chinese Squier CV 60P.
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  14. Drzejzi


    Aug 6, 2014
    Pickups in Player Jazz are awesome in my opinion.
  15. Leonid Nidis

    Leonid Nidis

    Jan 1, 2018
    Vintera is a much better sounding bass,worth the extra cost.
    But why not buy a good US made bass used for the money.
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  16. S.F.Sorrow


    Dec 6, 2014
    I own a Player P and a Vintera Mustang. I've also played Vintera P-basses in stores on many occasions.

    When comparing my Player P and Vintera Mustang:

    -Tuners are junk on both. Very VERY poor quality. Squier is better than this!

    -The pickup is better on the Player IMO. I actually think the Player P-pickup is fine. Not exceptionally great but it sounds like a decent P-bass. Slightly harsher upper mids and muddier lows compared to the best CLASSIC P-bass pickups but not bad at all. It sounds like a proper P-bass. The Vintera Mustang pickup on the other hand is a bit muddy and dull.

    -Finish/crafsmanship: Pretty much the same. Perfectly fine. Good rather than great. But I had to return two really bad Vinteras before I got a decent one. QC is clearly very poor. Try before you buy (or buy from store with a good return policy!).

    The Vintera PRECISION basses I've played have been a step up from the Player P though. Mostly because of the pickup. The pickup in the Vintera P-basses is amazing! But you may or may not like the wider neck and the 7.25 radius. If you don't like wide old school P-bass necks you will be better off getting a Player IMO and upgrade the pickup IF you find it necessary (and you probably won't, it's a perfectly decent pickup).

    In short: Get the one that feels the most comfortable in YOUR hands. You will be stuck with whatever neck profile you choose (it's very expensive to change the entire neck!). Thing like tuners, pickup can be upgraded reasonably cheap IF you find it necessary. The feel of the neck is THE most important thing and should be your number one deciding factor!!! Pretty much anything else can be modded/upgraded to taste if/when needed.
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  17. S.F.Sorrow


    Dec 6, 2014
    I just noticed: I don't think you specified J or P? So I just kinda assumed P...

    But the same goes for J-basses, even if they don't have the extreme difference in nut width like the P-basses: Get the one that feels right for YOUR hands. The profile is different and you will be stuck with it. Electronics and hardware can be upgraded.

    (I haven't tried either the Player J or the Vintera J btw so I can't say anything about their pickups etc).
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  18. Evan F

    Evan F

    Jun 11, 2020
    Huh, you’re right, I didn’t specify. I meant precision (and it’s kind of amazing everyone else just kind of knew that).
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  19. Dragan


    Oct 5, 2009
    My cv 70s pbass totally blows away vintera in any sense. True it has schecter tone monster pickup, but overal feel and playability is also on squier side.
    Believe or not, doesn't really matter :)
  20. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008
    The china made Squier CV70P are truly awsome in tone and playing feel.
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