Fender Precision Bass Special California Series

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  1. I bought this very nice 1999 Fender Precision Bass Special a couple of months ago but GAS has reared its ugly head:
    • Conservatively rated as being in 8.5/10 condition - it has a couple of nicks and dings but is generally in great shape.
    • Black alder body with slim Jazz-width maple neck
    • Gold anodized pickguard - looks great for anything from formal to metal
    • Badass II bridge, nicely slotted
    • EMG P/J pups - nice thump from the P, great growl from J, superb blend!
    • Controls are Vol/Vol/EMG BTC tone circuit (stacked bass/treble, very quiet - no hiss or hum!)
    • 9V battery box professionally routed in back
    • Weighs 10.2 lbs. on my analog postal scale
    • Comes with Fender molded plastic case.
    • The bass is labelled "Made in U.S.A." but as I understand it the parts were made in California, then sent to Mexico for finishing, then sent back up to CA for assembly.
    The bass sounds great enough where I wouldn't mind keeping it but I would like something a little lighter (8.5-9.5 lbs) and, hey!, my GAS just kicks up every now and then.

    I'm asking $550 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal is cool, other payment options are fine as well.

    Sorry, no trades - I've worked out a deal on a sweet L2K!!

    Email for pics. You'll love the bass, really!

    Tom :D
  2. Here's a couple of pics. Please note that the case shown is NOT the case that is included with the bass.

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    that's hawt. i like that.
  4. Yeah, it's pretty classy, huh? Sounds great, too!