Fender Precision Deluxe bridge pickup split coil

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  1. il_mix


    Dec 15, 2017
    Hi, everyone!

    I've decided to change a couple of pots on my bass, due to noise and crackling. Maybe some cleaning can do the trick, but I prefer to mount brand new ones. Also, I've decided to mount a 3 way switch instead of the pickup blend knob; 99% of time I just use neck OR bridge OR both (side note, blend knob is the most noisy one at the moment).

    I'm thinking about adding a push/pull switch pot to engage a coil splitting on the bridge pickup.
    I planned to do something like in the Buckethead signature guitar (just to give an example with a well explained diagram): here, the north/south finish are soldered togheter, and create signal continuity (full humbucker) when the wires are floating; when the pot is pulled, the wires goes to ground, "disconnecting" half of the humbucker (single coil).
    The Precision pickup has 3 wires:
    - black: I suppose it's the south start, connected to ground
    - white: north start, with actual signal, connected to the blend pot
    - red: dunno... connected to ground at the moment
    Well, here I'm missing the two finish wires, so I'm not sure if I can actually achieve the coil splitting. Or, the finishe wires are already soldered together and just the red wire came out; but this means that it is always in coil split mode... doubt!

    Does anyone have more info on the Precision Deluxe humbucker wiring?
    In the service manual it has part number 0056135000, and it's named "Pickup, Bridge, Humbucker, Lawrence, Bass V" (side note, I own the 5 string version).

    I've got the idea from the Roscoe Beck signature, that I own. Here are the user manual and the service manual.
    Here the push/pull switch will "slightly decrease neck pickup volume" via a resistor. Not really what I'm looking for... Can add a little more different sounds, but it is (almost) just like playing with the blend knob.
    Note that the bridge pickup has a different part number from the Precision one, although both are called "Bridge, Lawrence". Also, Roscoe Beck's misses the "Humbucker" adjective; but I'm quite sure it is an humbucker...

    Many thanks!
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    Nov 21, 2007
  3. il_mix


    Dec 15, 2017
    Hi Brad,
    thanks for your help.
    Awfully, there are the service manuals I've already linked. Actually, you've linked an updated one, but there aren't any further info regarding the wiring; it just says to ground black and red wires, but not what they "are".
  4. il_mix


    Dec 15, 2017
    I've found a couple of new threads (new because I didn't find them before) that states tat the red wire is just the shield wire. Looks like the north/south finish wires are not accessible :(
  5. il_mix


    Dec 15, 2017
    Update (and bump).
    The Roscoe Beck actually has humbucker series/parallel and single coil control via the 2 microswitches. But here there are actually 2 useful signal wires (white AND green), while the precision deluxe only has white signal wire from pickup. Any idea if the "green" wire can actually be "extracted" from the pickup?
    The push/pull, as said, is just to "slightly decrease neck pickup volume" via a resistor.