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  1. If I were to put a Stingray humbucker in the bridge position of a Precision deluxe, how close would I be to getting a Stingray sound (after rolling off the neck pups)? And if I were to roll off the humbucker, how close would I be to getting a Precision sound? I know there are many different factors involved, but I was wondering if anyone had tried it...

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    May 24, 2001
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    I am not sure you'd get them both in the right position. A MM has the pickup back but I am sure it sits far enough back to get P bass pickup in the correct position also.

    You'd also need the MM preamp if you really are looking for that sound. You could have it rigged with a passive bypass for when you are looking for P bass.

    I'd probably be a decent copy if you used reall MM electronics.

    I hope you like it, because after you are done, there is no way any one else is going to buy that bass. You really need to have someone route the body that knows what they are doing.

    IF you do it, post a pic!
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    You're talking about removing the bridge PU of an Am Dlx and replacing it with a MM pickup?

    For what purpose? The Fender pickup and preamp gets you pretty damn close to the StingRay sound already!

    Do you already own the bass and find it lacking? If not, have you PLAYED and HEARD one?
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    Nov 24, 2000
    The Moscato Legend¹ and Funk² models have a P and M/M type setup.
    There's a Legend review here. Dunno if they talk about it's tone.
    Y'all parlez-vooz France-sez? Mebbe Yvon could he'p out? :)

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    The bridge pickup on the American Deluxe Precision Bass does NOT sound like a Stingray pickup.

    The bridge pickup on the American Deluxe Precision Bass sounds a little more like the bridge pickup on a Lakland 4-94, and rightfully so. The basic concept for both these pickups is very similar; two single coil jazz bass pickups crammed together.

    The sound is thinner and warmer, and does not sound like a Stingray.
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    Just want to add a ditto on the bridge pickup NOT sounding like a MM. I own both basses and the P-deluxe does not get a sound anything like my MM. If anything I can get more of a Jaco like growl out of it. It's way thinner sounding than the MM and has more cut than it does punch.

    As someone else stated, you would have to do some serious cutting on the P-bass to get a MM pickup in there. It might be more worth it to just buy a MM. If you're looking for something that has the best of both worlds I know that Carvin has basses w MM and Jazz (I think) pups. I'm dreaming of a Warwick Streamer Jazzman. Still never played one but a pretty in depth review one time said it nails the MM sound big time. I'd have to hear it to believe it though, MM basses have a pretty distinctive sound and I think it has a lot to do with the entire bass.

    I wouldn't cut up my P-bass.
  7. I don't even own a Precision deluxe, much less a Precision. I was just curious. :D