Fender Precision Fret Size

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  1. Looking for anyone who can tell me the original fret size on a 59-60 P-Bass. I had mine replaced 20+ years ago because I tore them up with round wound strings. The replacement frets are/were definitely narrower. Over the years the action has changed a lot, so I'm having a Luthier set the bass up again and he is suggesting new frets and offering two different sizes, both wider than what I have, but one is taller. I'm inclined to go with the shorter ones because I recall the originals being wide and squat.

    Any suggestions out there or original fret dimensions?

    Adder: a little googling seems to indicate 6230 as the original fret size used on vintage guitars, but I found at least one reference to P-basses using "vintage" size (6150?).
  2. Some great ideas! Thanks for responding. I guess I have quite a few options to explore.

    I'm curious if the person who suggested a target of 10% deflection/compression is baseing this on any testing or development of a damage boundary using instrumentation.
  3. Forget that last post. Accidentally responded to the wrong thread.