SOLD Fender Precision neck, S7 serial, project of sorts (USA)

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    IMG_7448.jpg IMG_7449.jpg
    Before I show more pics, let me explain this one first.
    This was part of a pretty big load of parts I got. The seller said this was his old neck that he was planning on making fretless, Jaco-style, but never actually got around to. So as you can see, the neck lacks frets.

    S7 serial would say it's a 77, but from what I know of Fender's "system" in those days, that could be wrong. But it's a legit Fender neck from that era.

    Before he defretted it, it looks like it was played a decent amount, as evidenced by the edge of the board.

    BUT... it doesn't appear that he strung it up without frets, thereby not killing the neck in a way we've seen so many times. He took out the frets, sanded the board a bit (it's very level), then abandoned the project.

    The truss rod works great. And the back of the neck feels AMAZING! It's still glossy and clean.

    I'm kind of waffling on what to do here. I could put the effort into fretting this and kind of doing a finish, but I don't really need to take that task on at the moment. The only frets I have are stainless and I don't think I'd be able to make this neck look "new" nor make it look "vintage worn" enough to warrant the effort on my end.

    But maybe it's your thing? It's a non-warped neck, made in the USA by Fender a long time ago. There is player potential here without too much effort.
    If it doesn't gain enough interest here, I may just do this project after all. But I'm throwing it here to see if you guys can "save me from myself."


    Asking $325 shipped to the US.

    Would certainly entertain trade thoughts, but I'm a little picky, so bear with me on that. Not sure what I'd want, but I'm not looking for amps, effect, or anything that bears the word "BARTOLINI" on it.

    PM if you have a trade or are outside of the US.
    Paypal only (assuming not a trade)

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    Is that a crack in the skunk stripe?
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    Great question! I never even paid attention. Here's some close-up shots:

    IMG_7478.jpg IMG_7479.jpg IMG_7480.jpg IMG_7481.jpg IMG_7482.jpg
    It does, indeed, look like a crack in the wood. BUT... I can't feel it at all.
    - I added a lot of tension to the truss rod, no change in feel.
    - Looking at the 2nd pic above, with the reflection in the neck, you can see that there's no change in that area for elevation or feel.
    - The gloss feel on this neck is very uniform, aside from a few dings from the 40+ years of use.
    - There is another section that looks like a very similar color which follows the grain of the wood a bit (a much shorter area). The larger doesn't conform to that same thing, but it looks the same color and feels just as smooth.

    If I had to guess, this was there before the neck was finished. Being a 70s Fender, from what I've heard of that era, this would be pretty common. That would lead me to believe that if indeed this is a crack in the skunk stripe, it's been there from the beginning and hasn't moved at all.

    And if this was a repair from some point in the past, it was done EXPERTLY because I can't feel any difference in the finish.

    So yeah, I can't tell you what the true history is here. The neck seems properly worn from that era everywhere else. If it was a repair, it was done very well. If it was from the factory, it hasn't budged and doesn't appear to want to. Personally, I wouldn't let it worry me in the slightest, as the neck works fine.

    Hope that helps.
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