Fender Precision Special

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bill_emo, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. bill_emo

    bill_emo Guest

    Apr 2, 2003
    Ive taking a liking to the Fender Precision Special, (deluxe). What kind of sound can the j-bass pick up put out? is it a reconizable jazz tone? or does the P-sytle body give it a new sound? does the J-pick up hum?
  2. demolition

    demolition Guest

    Jul 5, 2003
    I had a japanese jazz special and i only used the p-pick/up,alone it was deep and powerful,when the jazz was added to the mix it was a bit weaker of a sound, kinda like a p-bass with a warmer tone.
    I now prefer one or the other,if you get one, go with the japanese models,they are better made than the mexican by far,sound better,and are cheaper to buy used.
    I put Dimarzios in mine and it made a world of difference,but the jazz pick/up still cut down the thump,try one out they'er worth it.:D
  3. jade

    jade Guest

    Mar 8, 2002
    I have the 2002 MIM model. The jazz pick up is a lot weaker then the percision. And also there is a hum but i just turn the jazz down a bit and it fixes that problem. More pros then cons for this bass. I love my bass.
  4. superphat

    superphat Guest

    Sep 30, 2001
    i tried one at the store last year, it was an American model (i think they're discontinued?)
    I really like it alot.
    i thought the jazz pickup mellowed out the P pickup rather than weaken it. Gives the traditional P more options and had a jazz-style neck.
    Almost bought it...
  5. B'Aces High

    B'Aces High Guest

    Jun 8, 2003
    Canada, North Bay ON
    I have a MIA Hot-Rodded P(yes they have been discontinued for a couple years)
    It does have the same pickup config with the p and the j.
    I use this as my main bass. I can get a wide variety of sounds i find. It wont however sound like a jazz bass...you can get it close, but not quite there i find.
    The MIM deluxe models are pretty cool from what i seen though(a little noisier than my MIA, but hardly worth complaining about).
    Im seriously thinking about picking one up myself to use as a backup to my 'hot-rod'.