Fender precision with matching headstock

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  1. Buri


    Jun 20, 2010
    Tel Aviv, Israel
    Hi guys,

    I recently found an unusual looking Fender Precision bass (PB62) crafted in Japan (CIJ) in what seems to be Fiesta Red with matching headstock,

    Is anyone ever came a cross a similar bass, a Fender precision reissue 62 (PB62) made or crafted in Japan with matching headstok?,

    I know there are Japanese Jazz basses with matching headstocks but never seen a precision one.

    I found one in Capri orange (with the help of Google), but again only one and I wonder if they are (the FRD and the Capri) are genuine or a refinish,

    I really appreciate any help,

    Thanks :)
    IMG_2713.jpg IMG_2712.jpg Capri.JPG
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