Fender Pure Vintage 74 Jazz Bass Pickups

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  1. GattsYAC


    Jan 10, 2014

    I have a japanese Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass and im looking for news pickups. The bass is stock, so the pickups are probably the "Fender Original Jazz Bass Pickups". I use the clean signal mixed with some dirty almost all the time. The stock pickups do the job, but nothing spetacular. I'm going for a tone between Geddy Lee (Snakes & Arrows and Clockwork Angels) and Billy Sheehan (in The Winery Dogs). Im using Rotosound Swing Bass 66, EBS Billy Sheehan OD (as my main dirt pedal) and MXR Bass Compressor (In the clean loop of the EBS Billy Sheehan). I still want to have a classic Jazz Bass tone, so i think Dimarzio Model J is not an option, maybe when i have another jazz bass. I play almost all the time with fingers, and im not a slapper.
    The option that im considering is the Fender Pure Vintage 74, but i can't find much info about it. Any opinions or suggestions about it?
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    Jun 17, 2000
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  3. iiipopes

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    May 4, 2009
    A DiMarzio Area J setup will be close, provide a little bit of natural compression, and be noiseless for your fx setup.
  4. acebase62


    Jun 29, 2010
    X2 on the Dimarzio Area J set.

    I'm currently using the Area J 4 string set in a Warmoth, and the Area J 5 string set in a Yamaha BB.

    Also, I have Area PJ 4 string set I have in another Warmoth.

    I use 500k volume pots and Fender TBX tone controls, and this set up gives lots of tone versatility.
  5. GattsYAC


    Jan 10, 2014
    Thanks guys! I'm goona look for samples of the Dimarzio Area J.
    Also talked to Tom Brantley and his Jazz Bass Geddy' Spec pickups are in a very nice price. But as the Fender Pure Vintage 74, I cannot find much info or samples.
  6. Ragul


    Jun 8, 2015
    Just installed the Fender Vintage '74 Jazz Pickups on my American Special Jazz (maple neck, steel strings, orange .047 cap).

    A friend has ‘73’s in a Fender Japan Jazz ’65 and loves them. Will Lee played his Sadowsky S/B maple with ’77 p/u’s on the Letterman Show for years. I was also looking for a p/u around dcr 8k.

    Sound as spec’d by Fender - full low-end, distinct midrange, more aggressive sounding. I’ll maybe replace the .047 cap with a .022 cap at some stage.

    500Hz is the busiest part of the music audio frequency. Will’s Sadowsky Sig bass has the 500Hz mid boost pre – his bass could always be heard on the Letterman Show. I’m guessing the ‘74’s will cut through the clutter. I’ll be in the studio next week so I’ll have an engineer’s opinion.

    The stock p/u’s (I believe) are the MIM dcr 7k (part no. 0058358 / 0058359). These have a clear sound across low/mid/highs – I’ll be keeping these. I also thought of the Pure Vintage '64 4-String Jazz Pickups - maybe sound similar to the stock MIM’s.
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