Fender RB-5 For Sale

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  1. Fender Roscoe Beck V (RB-5) (1996 model), Shoreline Gold, Pao Ferro fretboard, Mint Green pickguard, Fender Deluxe Tweed case.

    The Bass is in excellent condition with the finish, neck, and body almost like new. There are a few very small dent/scratch marks, impossible to see without very close inspection, and a small crack in the pickguard by one of the pickguars screws. No buckle wear or through finish blemishes anywhere.

    It was recently professionally set up and strung with D'Addario Chrome Flat-Wound strings. The bass is stock except for the addition of a small ebony-wood thumb rest between the neck pickup and the neck for ease of playing in this area.

    The RB-5's have been rated by many bassists as the finest 5-String, and the most versatile bass, that Fender has ever made; and one of the best 5-String basses made by any manufacturer.

    A new RB-5 retails for around $1850 with a street price of around $1350, when you can find one. Used ones are equally difficult to find.

    My asking price for this bass is $800 plus $35 shipping/packaging cost within the 48 CONUS States. For shipping elsewhere, please contact me before bidding.

    Email me for pictures.
  2. Sammy,

    Howcum you're selling yer Roscoe B?

    You and I have the same bass, same year, same color... I will have mine probably forever. I like it that much.
  3. SMASH

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    Jan 18, 2000
    A 2000. It utterly rules!

    Good luck with your sale, mate.