SOLD Fender Replacement J-Bass Neck - roasted maple w/ Hipshot tuners

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    I'm parting out a bass build that I didn't love as much as I wanted to, so this is on the way out to fund a new bass (that I already ordered, so I guess more just selling this to placate my wife).

    Neck was purchased new and will come in the original box. Roasted maple, modern "C" profile, 9.5" radius, 20 frets.

    Tuners are Hipshot Ultralite LIC HB6C 3/8 in Gold finish, also purchased new.

    The bass this was on was never gigged, and frankly only played a handful of times.

    Weight of neck with tuners is 2lbs 3oz.

    Asking $360 paypal'd and shipped to continental US, message me for shipping anywhere else.

    IMG_20220113_225937.jpg IMG_20220113_225944.jpg IMG_20220113_230022.jpg IMG_20220113_230029.jpg IMG_20220113_230658.jpg IMG_20220113_230710.jpg
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