Fender road worn, Fiesta red, review

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  1. Frimo


    Nov 7, 2012
    So, I purchased this bass about 3 months ago, without knowing very much about it. Other that it was a Fender made in Mexico, pretty pricey, a P-bass and red.. And a whole lot of controversy surrounding it, about the whole relicing thing, which I really find soooo hilarious :))))
    Anyway, I had red a bunch of posts on TB about it, watched the very sparse videos on youtube of it, but never actually played it before I bought it.
    Mainly due to the fact that here in Denmark they are pretty rare, to imposible to find in a local musicstore.
    99% of their stock nowadays are squier VM basses, and some cheap yamaha basses. Don't mean to bash them at all, they are just not what I was looking for...

    This is my first P-bass, I bought a warwick Standard active corvette 4 string a few years ago, and really like it, but a lil' year ago I started gas'ing for a new bass, and thought : Hmmmm, maybe I should try one og these p-basses everybody keeps raving about :)
    My band plays a lot of old school early 70's rock, and out gigs can get a lil crazy sometimes, so I would'nt mind a bass that was a little banged up :)

    I wanted something a bit different that just your normal p-bass axe, and I just really liked the idea og these basses, but they were so beyond my budget, that it was sad.
    Then a friend of mine called and said he was quitting his band along with the bassist, they just didn't have time anymore, and asked if I wanted to come by and have a look at some of the gear they were selling?
    Being the gear head that I am, of course I wanted a peek :) So I drove up, and right there on the wall hung a Fender Road Worn P-bass.. I asked about it, and it had pretty much hung there from the initial purchase because the bassist didn't really like it...
    He wanted 700$ for it, and I thought it was a fair price really.. So I bought it then and there..

    Anyhoo... it had flats on it and I though it sounded like poopiee... Dull and unarticulate.. Bought some roundwounds and lo and behold the beast came to life with a fierceness that threatened to take your heaf off :)
    I play it through a Hartke LH500 and into a warwick WCA 410 cab, with a warwick WCA210 on top.
    I fiddled around with the tone a bit and instantly found the perfect setting for my sound, volume full and the toned rolled back about 25%..
    Coupled with my T-rex Bass Juice overdrive pedal, where the settings are set so the signal juuust gets a tad of crunch to it, is just pure tone heaven for me :)
    I dont really like massive overdrive or distortion to my bass signal, but just a tad gives it a lot of life imo.
    One thing i had to adjust to, was playing with a pick.. I really dont like the sound of playing with my fingers on it, even with the tone at max it just sounds waaaay to muddy for me. And thats a real shame because i really enjoy playing bass with my fingers, but I just cant get it articulate enought for me, compared to the warwick that is..
    But it's really not much of a problem, because the tone out of it is so massive, and right in your gut going at it with a pick...
    And we usually play 3 sets x 55 min, so I just play set one with the p-bass, switch to the warwick (and fingerstyle) on set 2, og switch back to the p-bass on the last set :)
    That way I keep my fingerplaying and callasus, intact and get to enjoy both of my babies :)

    I'll try and get these pic's to work but im not really a computer kind a guy, so maybe it'll work, maybe it wont :)



    Hmm, seems the pic's only work from a pc...

    that's my 2 cents folks, let me know if theres anything else you wanna know about it :)
  2. Cool! :thumbup:
    I've the same Fiesta Red RW P bass. Absolutely love mine- but with flats OR rounds-preferably OLD rounds. :cool:
  3. Frimo


    Nov 7, 2012
    You Can see pic's of the bass from a laptop btw :)
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    Apr 4, 2008
    Scottsdale Az
    congrats from across the pond in the home of Fender headquarters...Scottsdale Arizona....cool bass man!
  5. Nup. No pics here either:( I'm in Aus, so my Congrats come from across another pond. :thumbup:
    Great basses imo. I think it's easily as good as my 62AVRI USA made Precision.
  6. Funny that you sound like me in the sense of articulation and your love of rounds.

    However, if you ever do try flats again, try rolling off the tone to zero. Obviously this would normally be Kryponite to you but there's something there trust me.

    Otherwise I'm surprised you don't find the P articulate enough without using the plectrum. I've never experienced this myself. Playing the P with fingers feels the most natural thing to do.