SOLD Fender Roger Waters P Precision Loaded Maple Neck

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  1. IngloriousOz

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    Jun 1, 2006
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    Just took this off the matching body, I got a Fender heel EGC bass neck with the intention of putting it on my jazz bass but it was too wide/deep so I put it on the Roger Waters - it's a shame because this is the most rock-solid, stable neck I've ever had. I believe it's a quartersawn fingerboard.

    From 2010, I've had it for about two years, setup with heavy strings for Drop C tuning. Never needed to make a single tweak for weather or anything. 1.75 wide at the nut, pretty flat profile, stayed straight and very low, without any issues. Rod also does turn both ways.

    Please PM me with any questions or photo requests. $315 shipped in the lower 48

    IMG_20180303_1115259.jpg IMG_20180303_1115439.jpg IMG_20180303_1113552~01~01.jpg IMG_20180303_1117018~01.jpg
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    May 26, 2010
    How's the truss rod? Looks like it's pretty close to being max'd out in the last picture.
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