Fender Roscoe Beck signature 5-string bass

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Three-tone sunburst finish with tortoiseshell pickguard. RB5s now come with a white guard, I think. The fingerboard is pau ferro with nice figuring down its length, and the back of the neck and the headstock have a large amount of birdseye figuring, especially for a neck not explicitly identified as "birdseye maple."

    Purchased for me from Music Arts Enterprises in Fort Lauderdale, FL in May 2000. Has stayed in air conditioning its entire life, mostly being used at low volume levels playing by myself or along with CDs or the radio. I have jammed at friends' houses occasionally, and took it with me to college last year. That fully describes the use its had.

    Completely stock and overall excellent. I regularly wipe down and clean the entire instrument. There is one nick round the edge of the body on the bottom where the wood does show through; however, the nick itself is only approximately 2mm long. It also has two small, non-penetrating dings on the back that simply indented the finish. Other than that, the bass has the collection of microscopic bumps and scratches that an instrument played regularly will collect over a year's life. None of these show, however, unless you hold the body up to light and look carefully.

    Asking $800 plus shipping for the instrument. That includes a black nylon Levy's gigbag. Shipping should run around $30 for UPS Ground. I pack the hell out of basses I ship: the gigbag itself will rest, padded, in a rectangular cardboard box used for shipping basses, not something I fold around it.

    Pics: http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=1335288&a=11739299

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