SOLD Fender Rumble 115 Bass Cabinet

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    Local only: This cab is two years old and has been lovingly cared for like all my gear. The grill was painted black to match my Fender Stage 800 combo. The Rumble has a 15" speaker and can handle up to 600 watts of power. It is incredibly light, weighing in at only 39 lbs. It comes with a switchable tweeter that actually doesn't sound too bad if you're in need of a little presence. It comes with casters, making it easy to move and haul other gear at the same time. If you like a lot of bottom and need the high-power capability, that is your cabinet. I've linked Fender's page for this cab below.

    Ironically, Fender dropped the price of this cab two years too late for me, at $299, but I'll go one better and offer it for fifty bucks less plus throw in a Fender cover. I'm also willing to meet within a 50-mile radius of Eastern IA. You'll save even more if you are interested in the Markbass combo as I'll package them together. Serious inquiries can request more pics. Thanks!

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