Fender Rumble 500 or TC Electronics 250

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    Looking for a lightweight combo amp for small gigs. I am in a 3 piece classic rock band, and I play a Rickenbacker 4003. Being a vintage guy, I normally gravitate toward the classics (i.e. Fender in this case) but a bass player friend has one of the TC electronics 250 watt 2x10 combo amps and it sounded really good when I went to see him play (he plays '78 Stingray and is a vintage biased guy like me but likes the TC). I gather the TC amps have the Toneprint feature which allows custom effects - how useful is that in the standard classic rock genre? We are mixing in a few newer tunes, including for ex. Seven Nation Army, which I think will need some kind of effects on it for the Ric, and I am just not an effects pedal guy. What do you think is the better choice for my situation?
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    Jul 19, 2012
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    Fender Rumble 500 all the way :thumbsup:
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    I use a BH250 head (mostly for back-up purposes, but it can handle a gig solo), and find it's a great little amp. I've used it without PA support into a 1x12 now on a few occasions, and it holds up quite well in both a power trio cover band, and a 9 piece reggae band. I use the Tone Print for a little bit of compression at all times, but there are other highly useable Tone Prints, and they're easy to change on the fly if you can run the app on your phone. Plus I'd say it definitely has a vintage character. I also play a Ric 4003, so I can say that they're a good combo!

    I played a smaller Fender Rumble combo, and found it was decent. Not more than that, but definitely decent. Probably the bigger units sounds better, based on speaker/wattage increases.