SOLD Fender Rumble 500 V3

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    Nov 25, 2013
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    Up for sale is my rumble 500 head. I’ve had it a few years with no problems. Only thing to note is the master volume is a little scratchy when adjusting it. Never bothered me enough to take it apart.

    I have priced it low because I didnt take it apart and mess with it. I was just going to shoot some contact cleaner in the pot. If I end up doing that before it sells, the price will go up some.

    Ships in the fender bag. Bag has been used and has a broken zipper, but it does zip up. Also includes power cable.

    Ask any questions.

    $250 Shipped CONUS



    5ECDDF61-3738-4FDE-B970-149E06520D93.jpeg FC830CB8-CF2E-4EBC-92BB-20416F20689E.jpeg E635AF1C-E01C-4A69-A7F0-E139C3B2D7D8.jpeg A3E9F515-26C3-495B-955F-44974513CDF8.jpeg 6864ED91-4E6D-4437-8213-3B70B5DB9055.jpeg B7D50775-5EF3-487A-9E60-B678DC0713CC.jpeg
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    killer head for no money!!!
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