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Fender RW- Precision nut needed

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by rodl2005, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Sorry if this hasbeen covered-can't search very well with this app.

    My RW 50s Precision nut broke next to the G string & I'd think a whole new nut is required.
    Never having done this particular repair myself, what am I looking for?? Any particular size I'm gonna need to find? ?
  2. Honestly, unless you're set up for it with the right tools and skills (it's not rocket science but it's not like falling off a log, either) doing this yourself is likely to be an exercise in frustration. A decent guitar tech can do it for you easily.
    But if you insist, first step is to remove the remains of the old nut so you can see if the slot bottom is level or curved. Then you can buy the correct nut blank from Warmoth or Allparts or whoever. Then you have to cut, file and trim it until it fits and lightly glue it in place. Then slot it, to the right spacing, width, and depth for the strings you are using. I hate to discourage anyone from deciding to tackle any task, but it is a bit of a project.
  3. I've done a few things, repairs, mods, but no, woodworking aint my skill at all.

    Anymore hints....???
  4. Good news is there (hopefully!) isn't any woodworking required.
    Again, first you must remove the old nut. It's kinda brittle, which is why it broke, so you have to be a bit careful or you end up with a bigger job. Sometimes you can grab it with pliers and just pull it right up and out of the slot. If not, you can put a screwdriver blade against the end of it at a slight angle and tap with a small hammer to drive it up and out of the slot. Don't try to force a narrow blade between the slot and nut to pry it out--you will damage the wood at the end of the slot if you do this.

    Once you've removed the old nut, get back to us for more hints...:)
  5. Ok. Thanks. I'll try that. :thumbup:
  6. And THANK YOU muchly for that link.

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