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  1. Vinceclortho


    Mar 20, 2011
    I've recently uncovered a Fender Sidekick 50 and am looking to restore it. For a 27 year old amp, it's not in too bad of shape. The power cord had been replaced once already and looked rather unsafe, so that was what I tackled first. After getting that taken care of I moved on to the front of the amp. Two of my knobs are snapped off all the way back into the pot. I quickly came to the conclusion that new pots were needed. The pots that I need, however, are proving to be a little difficult to find. they are 50k and the knob end is about 1/2 and inch long with the one side flattened to fit the Fender flare knobs. I read in a couple places that you can replace smaller pots with larger ones to get more range out of that particular setting. Is this true? What are the risks, if any, for doing this?

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  2. Guitar Guy

    Guitar Guy

    Nov 2, 2010
    theres no real "Risk" of doing it. the larger the resistance value of the pot the more higher frequencies it will let through. so for EQ knobs that is the main differance you will here is it will get brighter at the highest setting, but keeping it in the lower and middle settings it will still react the same and be able to obtain the same frequencies.
    how would it effect volume pots, not sure.

    To get the actual pots you need to keep it original you could try to contact the manufacturer. Also look up san diego electrinics supply. the guy there named Manny, is a wizard at obtaining the obscure.