Fender Spec'd P body-Loaded--100$ shipped

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  1. I am scratching my head about the maker of this-at first I thought it was a squier affinty but I doubt that now. It is super light tho,and its solid wood not ply.By fender spec'd I mean the neck pocket accomdates 2 squier VM necks I have , one is a P neck and 1 is a jazz neck , there is 4 years of age difference between both necks but both fit fine. I have not checked if holes in the heel may need to be redrilled though.

    The gaurd is triple ply WBW , unlike a affinity squier and the pots are full sized as well. Flat top press on P bass knobs,bridge cover and a almost torino red give it a vintage vibe.The color is close to torino but to me it seems a bit lighter, I have been told by my gf i see colors weird though so no promises.

    I got this loaded so i dont really know who and where the parts came from. It looks like it was drilled for a stock 5 screw fender bridge but someone put this funky 2 saddle bridge on kinda like a 50s P bass bridge.Its under the cover and intonated okay so i just left it , however its hard to pull strings through the bridge holes when restringing so if using a heavier gauge you will need to open these holes up a bit.

    CONDITION Is pretty good there are some mild dings here and there but nothing drastic , no chips etc. Who ever put the guard on struggled fitting it and there are some extra screw holes and it doesnt fit perfect put good enough for a cheapo-notice 1 screw is missing down by the knobs.

    I have a couple J bass necks and some used/new flats around I could essentially make you a franken bass

    100$ shipped CONUS-

    shipping to canada is available for a few bucks more.








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