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Fender Special Edition Anniv Precision Neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitar Strings and Accessories' started by camardelle, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. I sure wish there was a way to make this long story short. I'll try…

    Around Christmas I sold a Fender bass in ash to a great TB'r in Delaware I believe. When it arrived, it was damaged. I refunded the fellow his money and pursued a refund from UPS. Here's the story, which also shows how I resold the bass after getting it back from UPS.


    After getting it back, I sold it once again showing pics of the damage and the buyer and I agreed that I would ship it in two pieces which I did. The body ended up in Minnesota where it was shipped and the usps website showed the neck in Rhode Island, nowhere where it was supposed to be and it indicated that a the package was in fact undeliverable. By chance I clicked on this thread in the feedback forum which I seldom if ever go to. The rest of the story is there. Thanks again dinkbass!


    It got back to Texas earlier this week all safe and sound, and according to the above thread in a box that guarantees that the neck will make any body sound fantastic, and also appears to be the best box for metal if that matters.

    In any event, I'm selling the neck once again. Pics are in the first thread listed above. It's a lovely precision neck with tuners, MIM, Fender Special Edition, with an anniversary badge on it. Great neck.

    I'm asking $150 shipped to the lower 48. I wil attempt to exorcise any remaining demons I can find that do not add to the already super mojo this neck has. It is quite well travelled, but is not road worn in any manner.

    Paypal preferred, and trust me, it will be glued, taped, and cemented before it leaves the house again. :bassist:

    God help me, but I love this forum….
  2. JazzBass1949

    JazzBass1949 I Did That Ya I played There Ya I Did What a Blast Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2009
    Southern ILLinois
    The Same Luck Mate
  3. A-Step-Towards

    A-Step-Towards Supporting Member

    Nov 16, 2009
    Los Angeles California
    I think its a sign you are just not suppose to sell this bass, but 3rd times the charm right?:)

  4. I figure I'm good for three. LOL
  5. JazzBass1949

    JazzBass1949 I Did That Ya I played There Ya I Did What a Blast Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 21, 2009
    Southern ILLinois
    LOL where Pic
  6. Look on one of the links I put in the original post. I'm afraid to take it out of the box. I don't want to release any demons. LOL
  7. nlabat


    Jul 10, 2013
    Miami Beach FL
    Still got it I'm interesting in the neck is still there? Is load with frets and running machines? Is it MIA...???

    Pm me
  8. MasterBass!

    MasterBass! Reaching new Highs in Lows!! Supporting Member

    Great story....great ending, Brother H !!
  9. Thanks Denny. All PM's returned. Still available.
  10. Still available. Come and get it!
  11. I know it hasn't been 24 hours, but I'm having a sale. For the next 24 hours I will drop the price to $125 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for reading!!
  12. JdoubleH

    JdoubleH Cat Juggler Supporting Member

    Jul 10, 2008
    Columbus, GA
    Whoa... Pm inbound

    I'd love to give that box a good home, and I happen to have an idle P body that needs a neck. :bassist:
  13. Thanks to Jeff for providing what this story needed…a happy ending. Payment received and shipping Monday to Georgia.
  14. JdoubleH

    JdoubleH Cat Juggler Supporting Member

    Jul 10, 2008
    Columbus, GA
    A brown truck came bearing gifts today...

    The weary box arrived safe and sound, with a bonus nestled safely inside... An equally well traveled P neck :)


    The neck has completed its wayward journey and is settling into a restful new home, married to a once lonely midnight blue body:
  15. That is awesome! I'm glad to know that the neck has finally found a resting place. Make some great music Jeff and thanks for such a great transaction.

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