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SOLD Fender Special Parts Bass MIA-MIJ 1980-1982 P body, jazz neck $550

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by tpaul, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. tpaul

    tpaul Supporting Member

    Mar 19, 2011
    Parts P-bass with Jazz neck, some vintage parts

    I've dithered about listing this bass for a long time, but I don't play it often, and I need the money, so here it goes. I don't know how much this thing is worth, so this is a feeler of sorts.

    OK, it's a parts bass with really cool parts and some excellent mojo. Parts are as follows:

    Body: 1980-1982 Fender MIA Precision Special, candy apple red. This was Fender's first active bass, and was only made during these years. The battery compartment on the back and the color are unique to this bass as far as I know. The candy apple red paint was applied over gold paint, and you can see a lot of the underlying gold paint where the top layer has chipped off. There are a LOT of dings and chips, also a lot of gatoring.

    Neck: Originally this bass would have had a neck with a matching headstock. I put a MIJ Jazz neck on there instead. It dates to the mid-90s I believe. It has one good chunk out of the rosewood at the third fret on the bass side, but because it's in the side of the fretboard, I never feel it while playing (you won't unless you are one of those players who hooks your thumb over the top of the fretboard). You can kind of see it near my finger in one of the pictures. I also have a neck with a matching headstock that I can put on instead if you want it. The jazz neck that is on there fits perfectly and is on the chunky side; the one with the painted headstock is the wide, flat variety. Your choice. I'm including pics of the neck with the painted headstock, in case someone wants it. And no, I don't know its make or origin, as whoever painted it obliterated any identifying marks.

    Electronics: The pickups are either from the '60s, or reissue '60s. They look old and appear to have been on this bass for a long time. They sound amazing and very woody with the flats I have on here. If anyone can tell me anything about them I'd appreciate it. I should also note that the active electronics have been disconnected and as far as I know the preamp is missing. This is a passive bass as it stands. You could put a preamp in if you wanted to. Also, another oddity: there are two outputs, one on the front near the controls, and another on the side of the body. Don't ask, I don't know. Volume and tone controls work as expected.

    Hardware: The bridge is a Badass II. The pickguard appears to be older than the bass, I'd guess Fender '70s but not sure if there's any way to date it positively. Again, any info would be appreciated.

    Playability/sound: This thing plays great, the neck is straight, the pickups are strong and have a lot of character, on the dark and woody side. I'm guessing the weight is in the 9 lb range.

    I think that about covers it. I can ship this anywhere in the continental US, either bubble-wrapped, in a gig bag, or in a hard case of your choice. Shipping cost will depend on where and how you want it shipped, and what kind of case/bag you want. PM me if you want to discuss choice of hard case (Fender vintage case, Fender TSA case, or aftermarket case).

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  2. tpaul

    tpaul Supporting Member

    Mar 19, 2011
    Here are some pictures of the alternate neck (which was on it when I bought it). Someone obviously was trying to match the body color with the headstock paint, and did a pretty good job.

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