No longer available Fender Squier Bullet 1 P Bass Korea 1987 Solid body/no plywood! LAST DAY

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    This is a wonderful example of a bass that has been well taken care of. It is a circa-1987 Squier Bullet 1 Bass, Precision - style in gloss black. According to the Squier Wiki, this is the first production year after moving production from Japan to Korea. It just reeks of quality of workmanship.
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a SOLID body, not Plywood !! It is 1.81" thick. Nice-n-stout.
    It has very light players wear consisting of very minor dulling of the finish associated with normal playing and extremely small clearcoat scratching here and there. Hard to get pics of a black instrument, but this is still quite beautiful. No nicks/dents/dings that I was able to spot, even on the neck and headstock. The finish could most likely be polished out to bring back a near-stock/original shine. The main area where it is dulling is right below the G string, where some players fingertips end up. Also, the stock 3 ply pickguard is also in great shape, noting minimal wear.
    Fretboard is excellent and the frets show very little wear. These frets remind me of the earlier vintage Fender frets that were smaller-dimensioned than the current ones. Also, the fret dots have the vintage vibe as well, looking more like "clay dots" of old than the newer pearl or mother-of-pearl dots.
    Electronics look to be totally stock/unmolested. From what I gleaned during my search on the specifications, this has a standard ceramic p bass pickup. It sounds fantastic. I have had several Korean Squier Basses and the pickups, for some strange reason, sounded better than a lot of others. Total vintage P Bass sound, loud and clear.
    I also love the tuner style and makeup. Effortless adjustment, compared to some of the newer Squier Basses.
    Truss rod works fine and neck is set up with slight relief. Very nice medium-low action.
    Lastly, this neck is super comfortable to play, even with the 1-3/4" nut width. While it has a vintage nut width, the neck itself is fairly slim, so it doesn't feel like a baseball bat while you play. Even with my smaller hands (and I'm a short scale player, by-and-large), it was easy to negotiate all the frets. Again, super nice.
    Don't know what else to say about this, except it's a bit of a rare find in this nice of shape.
    Weighs in at 9 pounds even on my scale.
    Please have a look at the pics. Of course, feel free to ask any questions.
    $289.00, shipped conus, most likely via UPS.
    I will pack this well and ship this bass in the old-school "Beato Bag" it has been living in since new. These Beato Bass Bags were produced for a couple short years and while their drum bags and other musical instrument bags are going strong, they ceased production of stringed instrument bags. Just a bit-o-trivia.

    Paypal only. Just shoot me a PM if interested.
    Thank you for looking.
    Last Day of this listing before it gets torn apart and pieces sold off..... dang I hate to do that. Oh, well.
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  2. These are simply fantastic basses. I have the same year and series in Torino Red. Mine has one of my favorite necks I own. Wish I could add this one.

    You don’t see these very often especially in this good condition or in black. Red seems to be the more common. Great price too.
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    Redding, CA
    Thanks, @TN WOODMAN .... I have a friend locally that also has the Torino Red model. He's played it since new. The pickups are fantastic and that wide neck is the most comfortable wide neck I've ever played. Just an excellent build, all-around.
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