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Fender Squier Jaguar bass pickup problem

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by shababy32, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. shababy32


    May 2, 2015
    Hello guys and gals. I just recently was given an old Squirt Jaguar. It does not have the Duncan designed pickups. Since I already have a my primary bass, I've decided to make this my project bass.
    Ive decided the pickups will be my first mod. I do not want active pickups. I am not totally against having pickups with an active preamp, that is if someone could explain the difference between active pickups and an active preamp. Could someone also explain what in the hell that active "tone" or bass boost knob is on this jaguar would greatly be appreciated!
    I also don't want to spend over 200 on the pickups. I thought the new EMG Geezer B's sounded pretty good. I never particularly liked the sound of EMG's, but they did have a nice vintage sound that I like.
    Thank y'all.
  2. Axstar

    Axstar Banned SUSPENDED

    Jul 8, 2016
    Your Squier has passive high-impedance pickups paired with an active preamp. The pickups themselves aren't active, and could work just as happily in an entirely passive bass.
  3. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    An active pickup is just what it says. It has built-in electronics (usually an embedded chip in the pickup ) and requires a power supply to work. It can be used with either an onboard preamp or passive volume and tone circuitry. They’re not very common.

    A passive pickup is just what it says. It has no built-in electronics and requires no power supply to work. It can be used with either an onboard preamp or passive volume and tone circuitry. They’re very common.

    I’m assuming you’ve got the VM Jaguar Special with four controls? If so then you’ve got a standard passive PJ pickup pair and an onboard preamp. The pickups themselves are not active. You can use pretty much any 3rd party pickups you want with that bass. Having an onboard preamp frees you from having to match your PJ set carefully. In a fully passive bass they’d need to have fairly close output levels from two very different pickup designs. With an onboard preamp it’s far less of a concern.

    The boost knob does exactly that. It gives you some additional lows beyond what you can get with the master tone knob.
  4. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    Addendum: rather than springing for new pups immediately, I’d suggest you either do a very thorough setup - or pay to get one done professionally before you do anything. That and put a set of premium strings on it as well. You may find that what you already have sounds perfectly fine once it’s set up properly with good strings.

    I bought one just to check it out and expected I’d be doing major surgery on mine. But after a good setup and a set of LaBella copper white nylons it sounded so nice I decided to keep the original pickups and preamp and call it a day. Which was pretty sweet considering I only paid $199 for the bass new (caught it on sale) and strings set me back about $32.

    $231 all in plus an hour playing around with the setup for a gig worthy bass with a really good tone is nothing to complain about, right?
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
  5. shababy32


    May 2, 2015
    I know i'm replying late to this, but i cant even make my mind up on the hardware. Ill save that for another day. I was given this jaguar at the very low cost of "Just buy me a bottle of something better tastimg than turpentine or Brut cologne and i can get a buzz off of it," well....Just take it! So it cost me a fifth of Canadian Hunter! This thing was pretty neglected. Regardless, i was FINALLY able to get a Fender A.S. after pawning my only other one in 1994 or 96. I like to tinker and try doing my own mods. I even repainted it. Labor of love. Thats all ive gotta say about that. My question is that if anyone that has replaced the pickups on a Squier VM jaguar, your input and suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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