SOLD Fender/Squier Jazz PJ: Part Out!

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    Oct 4, 2008
    Buy the complete bass or view more pictures HERE.

    Selling as a loaded neck or loaded body. Not looking to part out further at this time.

    -2018 Squier VM Contemporary Jazz Body in Ocean Blue Metallic
    -Fender blacktop jazz pickguard
    -Squier VM Precision pickup/Fender MIM Jazz pickup
    -250k Bourns Pots, Blend, .047 Mallory, pure tone Jack
    -treble bleed circuits
    -Squier hi-mass bridge
    -I'll include the original pickups, pickguard and wiring harness if you want a jazz
    $240 shipped. ON HOLD. Message if interested.

    -2005 Fender MIM FSR Precision Neck Rosewood
    -Neck Plate w/screws
    -will include the Fender string that are on it currently
    $160 shipped

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