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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by 45cmckay105, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. ****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****

    Listed locally on Craigslist as well:

    This is a Squire Standard P/J Jazz in Shoreline Gold.
    Neck plate says 40TH ANNIVERSARY.

    The big UPGRADE is the Mighty Mite Fender Licensed neck with a Jazz Width nut.
    I adjusted the truss-rod and the bridge, and have got the action on this thing as low as my AM.STD. Fenders.

    I had big project plans for this baby that have been derailed.
    My wife lost one of her diamond stud earrings...and you know how the story goes from here.

    Just restrung (yesterday) with Dean Markley Nickel Steel lights.
    Replaced all the pick-guard screws and bridge screws with stainless steel.
    Also, line the electrical cavity with copper tape because my house has minimal grounding.

    $175.00 with a padded Fender Gig Bag.
    $200.00 in a brand new Musician's Gear Tweed Hardshell Case
    Will throw in a set of Schaller strap-locks if you buy it with the hard-shell case.

    Buyer to pay actual shipping costs to CONUS address as well.
  2. wghall


    Oct 12, 2010
    e-mail sent.

  3. [DEL]Local Sale Pending...

    My Low End Friend from Virginia strikes again!!!

    This baby is headed south on Thursday.[/DEL]

    LOCAL SALE fell through.
    Back on the block!!
  4. cool lookin gold
  5. Let me know if it falls through
  6. Back on the block.
    Local deal fell through.
  7. $200 shipped CONUS
  8. parsons


    Feb 22, 2008
    if it had a maple board, I'd be on I-70 on the way to get it... free bump
  9. How much does it weigh? Then,, we may work something out.
  10. these basses are SUPER LIGHT
    I used to have the same finish
    and the hardware really isnt all that bad
    and with a little work you can make it look like this:


    these basses are EXCELLENT mod platforms but really solid out of the box as well
    did I mention they are light?
  11. 8.2 lbs
    ...according to Homedics digital bathroom scale.
  12. Local sale pending...weather & traffic permitting.

    Stay tuned.
  13. I'll be watching.


    Thanks again to berman3313!!
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