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Fender Standard Jazz Bass (M.I.M. modified bass)

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by bassist31588, May 6, 2003.

  1. Purchased in December of 2000 brand new at samash intending to purchase an $800 bass, I walked out with this because nothign else satisfied me, and they didn't have price tags on the instruments at the time, and I new I've always wanted a jazz bass and it beat the others on the shelves. I've added a BadAssII bridge to it (gold plated) and still have the original stock chrome bridge. I have added American electronics in it and still have the stock ones too. This bass was purchases at Samash with a 5 year extended warranty plan. I later purchased an SKB case for this bass at an extra $90 charge. I will include with this bass a Fat Finger (tm) which I bought from musician's friend. Sincerely adds a lot more vibe to the instrument, more sustain and crisp tone while eliminating much fret buzz which is typical of Fender jazz basses (this bass has little to begin with anyways). Excellent playing bass!

    With the modifications and the case I am listing an 'asking' price of $375 + shipping, and will include all stock items with this bass as well. I prefer offers inside the United States only as well as personal checks for shipping, and cash for in-person-pickups... I will have to let checks clear before shipping the bass to you or giving it to you meaning if you wish to test this bass out before purchasing that's up to you and you may do so with my supervision at my house, but until the check clears you do not own it. :) Gotta be safe guys with these checks and I hope you can understand, there's an awful lot of people out there (especially from West Africa, you'll be bombarded with scams in your email box the next morning if you post anything for sale.)!

    Thanks for your interest,
    Alex Auger (Sebek31588@cox.net)
    Cheshire CT, 06410

    Phone number will be given upon request via email do to privacy purposes over a public forum. Thanks again.