Fender Standard Jazz pups

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    Oct 30, 2013
    My Squire DAJV (soon will be a VI) came with standard jazz pups, which according to Josh @ Fender CS, are basically the same pups used in MIM jazz basses. They are ceramic bar magnets, not Alnicos V's. I love how they growl with the help of the active electronics. Very Marcus Millerish. But not as beefy as MM.

    Instead of wasting time & money trying out various jazz pups I decided to try equalize first, replace as a last resort. Eqing w/a MXR M 108 was very successful. I can gets lots of sounds besides a beefy growl. Using just the neck pup, I can get a fat deep sound close to a precision, & that's using Fatbeams! I love it.

    I am getting greedy. The sound I am getting is good enough. I won't go out & buy expensive pickups in the near future. I do have pricey Carvin J99a's sitting around. I am thinking I might get more beef & depth using those Carvings w/ alnicos. One problem is that my low B is a .135 Hibeam instead of a .130 Fatbeam. That's because the Fatbeam is dull & thumpy, whereas the Hibeam gives piano-like overtones. However, the Hibeams' are a little weak below D. I'm thinking that the Alnicos might actually give more low extension down to B.

    I don't want to loose the growl & I read that Carvings don't growl much. Any feedback, insight? I hear ceramic bar pickups aren't that good. But aren't Victor Wootens EMGs crramic.? I'm quite happy with my sound, but I already paid for those Carvins. Switching pups is messy for me

    I even hear that the very cheap SX 2 Urtha Jazz basses have better pickups than the Squier VM jazz. That's hard to believe. I tried out a 5 string VM & it was impressive. According to a Seymour Duncan sales rep, those Korean made J105s are exactly the same design as the best Seymour Duncan's. I just ordered a 30" scale SX fretless for $125 out the door. We'll see.