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Fender Standard Mexican P-Bass HELP

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by reuben9, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. reuben9


    Nov 7, 2004
    Hi I was thinking of buying a Fender Standard P-Bass, but after reading some other posts, it seems that most of them are not well made. What should I look for when I am buying it in the shop to know if it is good?
    thanks :bassist: :)

    PS or should I just save for longer and get an american made one (which will take ages cos I am only 14) :bag:
  2. christle

    christle Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    Winnipeg, MB
    Despite the opinion of some here, there are good MIM Fenders. Look for the things you would for in any other bass. Good sound, good feel and good parts. I always check the neck to make sure it is playable and properly seated and that the frets are not sticking out (run your fingers along the edges). I check for unwanted pickup noise, cracks in the finish (these can help lower the price as they are really only a cosmetic thing and don't affect sound), and make sure that the bridge isn't falling off or apart. After I check these things I then play it through an amp similar to the one I own. If it sounds good and feels right then I start to think about it. If the little voice in your head says it isn't sure about the bass don't buy it. Otherwise I compare to other basses that I like and go from there. The other basses can be Fenders or other manufactures. It doesn't matter. Just play as many different basses as you can so you develop a taste for quality and set a standard to measure your potential purchases against.

    Fender makes great basses. Like all companies that mass produce instruments you must try each individual bass and evaluate it on its own merits because there will be substandard ones out there.

    To simplify my criteria you must meet all of the following before buying:


    I hope that ramble helps. If Treena pops in she will have even more good advice.
  3. vene-nemesis

    vene-nemesis Banned

    Jul 17, 2003
    Bilbao España
    i was 14 when i saved 900€ for my new rig (it was my first year of playing), dont get an amercan p bass get an american dlx p-bass thtas much more versatile than the normal one, or if youre lookig for a cheapo go for SX p basses theose have the best price-value on the bargain market do a search for it.

    you can find more about the AM dlux p bass in www.basscentral.com they have a reasonable price there too
  4. yeah, personally i like essex a little better, but there are good mims out there. what i would suggest is go to your local guitar store, and play a mim. you might like it, if you do, buy it. if not, keep looking.

  5. pyrohr


    Aug 28, 2001
    Pakistani compound
    I own 2 MIM p-basses. I got one new in the box and one used (I payed $237.00 for the used one). Both are solid basses for what they are. I did mod both basses though, the used one got new pots and Lindy Fralin pups while the newer one got SPB3 bassline pups. The Fralin pup bass I will take on any gig (nails ol'school vibe). The other I keep for a loaner or beater bass. If you are really interested in a MIM bass I would say ask the saleperson if you can see one new out the box if possible. I have brought 8 Fenders new out the box (including 2 MIM'S) and never had a problem with any bass!
  6. Essex basses. read that thread.