Fender Standard vs Deluxe vs Select Jazz - Opinions??

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    What's up guys. After 22 years of playing out I just got into the world of Ampeg tube amps and passive basses. Lovin it. I'm playing a Lakland DJ5. I sometimes use my 1993 Ampeg V4B and sometimes just use my Ampeg SVP as my band uses in-ear monitors. I'm loving the sound of these tube amps behind my passive bass. I think I have more control over the sound by how hard I play this way. I also use an Avalon U5 for bottom end as I send 2 signals to the console and mix to taste. Anyhow, as I like the sound more and more, I'm wondering what else is out there. Any opinions on Fender Standard vs Deluxe jazz basses? I'd like to stay in the Jazz bass realm. Any guidance or experience is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Aug 6, 2013
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    totally more control.

    I'm a standard/AVRI/60th AV kinda guy. I think the Deluxe are active pickups.

    Have you ever thought about a P/J?? It has a Jazz neck with a P-bass body, and both p and j pickups. The reason I ask is, I was looking at the P/J Deluxe, and I really liked the way it felt and played, but I just can't get behind active p/us. It's passive w/flats through tubes for me, always. Primarily a p-guy, but would love the tonal variety a P/J could get.

    plus, I saw John McVie playing one in an old Fleetwood Mac video, so now I'm GASing for one...but I cannot afford it.