SOLD Fender Stratocaster 1983 Honey Blonde

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    All original honey blond 1983 E Series 2 Knob Fender Stratocaster. 1983 was a very unique year for USA Stratocaster production. Fender was losing sales to the Japanese imports and Strat copies, and in a "last-ditch" effort to keep afloat, and maintain a USA-made Stratocaster, several major changes were made to the basic strat platform that had been widely unaltered since its inception in 1954. The basic 6 screw bridge and tremolo system was changed to a newly designed "Freeflyte" tremolo/bridge. This was a major departure from Leo Fender's original design, and utilized top-loading strings, with the tremolo springs hidden under the pickguard (photographed), rather than on the back side of the guitar. This eliminated the need to route the rear of the body at all. As a result, the backside of a 1983 Strat is completely smooth, with no tremolo cover or string ferrules. The tremolo arm was also a "push-in" type, with a chrome tip (shown in photos). This was the first time a Strat was ever offered with this type of arm, as they had been threaded (and with a plastic tip) every prior year since the guitar's debut 30 years earlier. These arms are very rare, I rarely see them with the guitars still and finding one is near impossible, the last one sold for $150 on eBay, yes just the tremolo arm.

    Another major change involved the removal of the second tone knob, instead placing the input jack on the pickguard, and in turn eliminating the traditional chrome recessed oval "football" jack. The single tone knob controlled all 3 pickups, in all 5 switching positions, something no strat ever featured before. The headstock was also revised, going from the CBS era large shape back to a smaller, more traditionally styled one. The headstock logo was revised this year, eliminating the large block lettering of the "Stratocaster" name with a new, more modernized font. Frets were jumbo, the neck radius was a rather flat 12", and profile was slightly chunky. A very good feeling neck, and considered by some to be the nicest Strat necks of the 1980's. This was the last model before the introduction of the American Standard in late 1986, making these "2 knob" Strats a short-lived model.

    This guitar is 100% original. I bought it from the original owner. Besides the guitar being original, it still has its original case, tremolo arm and original booklet. These guitars have been becoming more sought after in this color. Around 6 or 7 years ago they could be found for $700 or so. Lately models have went for $1000 and a few very clean models for $1400 on a popular auction site.

    This guitar isnt a super minty show piece, it was used. There is a chip in the finish on the lower horn, a few dings and dents, the neck pocket has 2 small finish cracks. If you are familar with bolt on necks, finish cracks in the neckpocket are very common, especially at this way. They are NOT wood cracks. The back of the neck is very clean. The edge under the high E shows some finish loss from play wear. The headstock shows scuffs and dings and as you can see the frets do have some wear. Its been used so if you are looking for perfection this is not it but if you are looking for a complete, unmolested vintage strat at a great price in a rare color and model here you are. Also the original case is in solid shape. It has all of its original feet, 1 is pushed in but overally a nice case. Has some old tape or something on the top, never tried cleaning it. The guitar was cleaned up really well a month back and plays and sounds great.

    $875 Shipped CONUS. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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